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System Failed CPU Check

Agustus 16, 2008 Tinggalkan komentar

I have heard these messages blasting out from my PC speaker system many many times. First thing that came out from my brain is …… the CPU had  burnt out. The screen was blank, no activity at all, except the messages from the speaker. I had to take out the CPU, sniffed it, and put it right back. Cleaned up the CPU fan and tried to settle it perfectly on top of the CPU, wiggled it to make sure it fit fine.

Turned the power back on, then … “System Failed CPU Check” … 1000x

Turned the power off, sprayed the board with high pressure air can, checked all electrical connection, repositioned the RAM, … almost all possible ways except … …

The motherboard has two connectors for power supply. One has 24 pins and the other is small and has only 4 pins. I unplugged the 4 pins connector, two of them were dark brown — it indicated that they were burnt out. Luckily I found a replacement cable from electronic store, otherwise I have to replace the whole power supply.

Turned the power back on, and … . BEEP!

Wa la … Voila …. my problem is solved.

Point of the story: Don’t take the message that you heard at face value, try to analyze the message behind the message itself. Sok tehu nih ye.